Detector de venas Infrarojo

Infrared Vein Finder
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Vein finder Infrarojo Medshine M890 (M890)

What is a Vein Finder?
A vein finder is a medical tool that assists nurses and healthcare workers in finding the location of veins. They use advanced infrared technology with LED lights. Light is absorbed differently by blood than by surrounding tissues, and it’s this principle that allows practitioners to locate veins more easily.

Item Vein Finder
Vein  Detecting  Light Source.      Near infrared light
Infrared Light Wavelength.           8mm
Best Imaging Distance                  15-25cm.  

Accuracy of blood vessel position.     ±0.5mm
Accuracy of blood vessel resolution.  ±0.5mm
Low working noise  ≤40Bp. 

Battery Charge Time 3 hours Battery 3400m
A rechargeable lithium battery
Power supply of charging    5V 2.0A, 100V-240V 50Hz-60Hz
7 Colors Available.       
Suitable for different skin colors or environments
3 Sizes Available
Suitable for adults, children and newborns
Dimension (L*W*H) 200mm*65mm*60mm
Weight 280g

Paciente aplicable:Pacientes gordos, Pacientes con edema, Piel oscura, Lactantes, Niños, 
Paciente anciano, Cirugía plástica, Cirugía vascular
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